Years With Rose

Written By: Benny 'Burle' Galloway
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 3 

*Tune low E string down to D

Intro(also played at the end of each verse):  D(upward strum)          C           D

     G                                                D
It’s been too many years with only memories
Lookin’ back through the years with my Rose
Back on the past, Lord almighty she went fast
        G                         D                            G         C
That same old Sunday kind of comes and goes… oh
G                          D                             D        C      D
Same old Sunday kind of comes and goes

     G                                               D
It’s been too many days in this old rockin’ chair
Lookin’ back down the road and ‘round the bend
Hopin’ now and then I’ll hear her voice on the wind
            G                          D                      G        C
See her strolling with her suitcase up the lane… oh
G                           D                     D      C    D
Strollin’ with her suitcase up the lane

Jam on verse chords, then jam on D

     G                                                  D
It’s been too many nights in this old house alone
Talkin’ back to myself in such a way
Hopin’ that I’ll hear her gently answerin’ me dear
                G                       D                        G        C
When she whispers in my ear, she’s gonna stay… oh
G                        D                        D       C       D
Whispers in my ear, she’s gonna stay

Tabbed by Tim Dunham