Too Late Now

Written By: Jeff Austin
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 3 

Intro:  G   F F#  G

G                              C                     G
As I woke up at the dawning of the day
             C           G                  D
Where I felt no one there beside me
         G                   C                   G
And I felt life like a clock ticking on
              C          G               D
And this road ahead and behind me
          Em                                   G
And I knew this day would be different
Em                   C            G
Different from any I’ve known
Em                                          G               C                D
      I’m listenin’ hard for the call so that I can move on

            C   Bm  Am
But it’s too late now
                                D                     G
I’m on the highway headin’ for the coast
            C   Bm Am
But it’s too late now
                            D             G
I’m tryin’ to beat time I suppose

As I sat still on that shinin’ distant shore
Wasn’t sure what he was tryin’ to say
Where’s the answers that I came lookin’ for
Surely, surely he’d be lining a way for me
Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m doing
I’m riding alone in the night
Searchin’ hard for the answers, searchin’ for the light

But it’s too late now
From the highway street to the avenue
But it’s too late now
Am I doin’ what I’m supposed to do?

G F  Eb                                  Bb                           F                                       Gm
              There’s a long and winding road that’s lead me this far from my home
Eb                                 Bb                             F
     I could turn on my heels but I choose to go alone
Eb                                      Bb                                F                                          Gm
     Searching hard for the answers, Lord but the questions aren’t comin’ out right
Eb                                  Bb              
    All you know is the darkness you pray that
    Some day, some day you just, just
    You just, you just, you just might

Jam:  G   Eb   F  G

Well it seems like another uneventful day
Never needed to stray so far….oh Lord
I just opened up my eyes
Looked around and realized
Everything I ever wanted was in front of me
Now my days are different
Different from any I’ve known
Sometimes you gotta hit the road to wander back home

But it’s too late now
To convince me ever again to go
But it’s too late now
Where I was comin’ from is where I belong.

tabbed by Tim Dunham