Written By: John Hartford
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 3

E                F#m
Well you asked was I holding
       C#m     A
I said no I’m not holding
  C#m        A      F#m  E
I thought you was holding, it’s true
E                F#m
But here I’m not holding
    C#m           A
And since you’re not holding
   C#m            A       F#m E                  
My dear, what on Earth will we  do

Now you know when I’m holding
Theres no need you holding
And you know the same about me
And if you run out
Before I run out
You can always get some from me

….do do do….

Now if you ain’t got none
And if I ain’t got none
We can go find some other head
Find out what they’re holding
Get down and start rolling
And smoke what they’re holding instead