Sharecropper's Son

Written By: Carter and Ralph Stanley
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 1
Capo 2 (optional)

G                          C              G
We moved here from Summers when I was fourteen
                            D7        G
Worked this poor ground for bacon and beans
                          C               G
The landlord told me that hard times were near
                                  D7      G
Didn't mean a thing cause they're already here

                   C               G
Daylight till dark my work’s never done
                     D7             G
Lord have mercy on a sharecropper’s son

                              C           G
Momma's got the fever and the baby’s sick too
               D7              G
Poppa’s uptown soakin’ up that brew
                           C           G
Just out of prison said he ain’t going back
                                        D7         G
Ain’t a blood hound in Georgia that can follow his track

Repeat #2

                                 C            G
We bought a new mule brought him up from down south
                                    D7          G
He'd kick the chew of tobacco right out of your mouth
                     C             G
Water in the well is barely out of sight
                       D7       G
Can’t take a bath on a Saturday night

Repeat #2

                            C           G
Our crops are all wilted no rain day or night
                                  D7          G
The preacher's here for dinner we ain't got a bite
                         C                G
Eleven in the family ten daughter's and a son
                                 D7         G
And momma's just told us there'd be another one

Repeat #2