Freeborn Man

Written by: K. Allison & M. Lindsey 
Recorded By: Jimmy Martin
Appears on: Unreleased


[1] I was Born in the Southland
Twenty-Some Odd Years Ago
I Ran Away for the First Time
When I was Four Years Old;

I'm a Freeborn [4] Man
My Home is on my [1] Back
I [5] Know ev'ry Inch of Highway
Ev'ry [1] Foot of back Road
Ev'ry Mile of Railroad Track.

Got a Gal In Cincinnati
Got a Woman in San Antone
Said I Always Loved the Girl next Door
But anyplace is Home;


I Got me this Worn out Guitar
I Carry in old Tote Sack
I Hocked it about Two Hundred Times
But I always get it Back;


Said You may not Like my Appearance
And You may not Like my Song
Said You May not Like the Way I Talk
But You Like the Way I'm Gone;