Way Down the Old Plank Road

Written By: Uncle Dave Macon
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 3

(G)Rather be in Richmond, midst (C) all the hail and (G) rain
Than to be in Georgia boys wearin' that ball and (D) chain

   (G)Won't get drunk no more
   Won't get drunk no (D7) more
   (G) Won't get drunk no more
   Way (D7) down the Old Plank (G) Road

I went down to Mobile, but I got on the gravel train
Very next thing they heard of me, had on that ball and chain

Doney, oh dear Doney, what makes you treat me so
Caused me to wear that ball and chain, now my ankle's sore

Knoxville is a pretty place, Memphis is a beauty
Wanta see them pretty girls, hop to Chattanoogie

I'm going to build me a scaffold on some mountain high
So I can see my Doney girl as she goes riding by

My wife died on Friday night, Saturday she was buried
Sunday was my courtin' day, Monday I got married

Eighteen pounds of meat a week, whiskey here to sell
How can a young man stay at home, pretty girls look so well