Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes > Troubled Mind

Troubled Mind, Written By: Ben Kaufmann
Appears on: Yonder Mountain String Band 
20 Eyes, Written By: The Misfits 

Intro: G  C  D  G C  G

G                                         C
Headin' down to the river, feelin' all undone
D                                              G
Might be for the best if I just stare into the sun
          C    C7
So I can't see,
               D       G   C  G
what a fool you made of me

Well, I am sittin' home alone, blue as I can be
Music turned up loud as hell, it hurts but just as well
But I can hear
People talking 'bout us dear

C              D           G
By the looks I get seems I am the last to know
C          D              G
Apologetic eyes follow me everywhere I go
  C                D            G
I swear I'm twenty-twenty but I never saw the signs
   C                                  D        G     C  G
And now I sit alone and try to ease my troubled mind

Mandolin break
Guitar break > "20 Eyes"

  G    F     G        G    F     G   
20 eyes in my head, 20 eyes in my head
  G    F     C             F       G             F      G
20 eyes in my head, they're all the same, they're all the same

D                                 G    
When you're seeing 20 things at a time you just can't slow things down, baby
D                                   G    
When youre seeing 20 things in your mind you just can't slow things down
D                                 G    
Then all those eyes, they're just crowding up your human face
D                           G          F
Then all those eyes take an overload

20 eyes in my head....
When youre seeing 20 things at a time...
Then all those eyes...

20 eyes in my head...

20 eyes in my head, they're all the same (x3)

(back to "Troubled Mind" verse)

Headed down to the barroom to get myself a drink
Money in my pocket's gonna help me not to think
Of you at all
No, I won't think of you at all

I swear that woman, she's like a mystery
I've read her pages thru and thru and still don't have a clue
Of what went wrong
Or why she left after so long

Chorus, Banjo break, Chorus