Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry

Written By: John Hartford

              E                       A
They're gonna tear down the grand old opry
              F#m                                     B
They're gonna tear down the sound that goes around our song
              E                       A
They're gonna tear down the grand ole opry
F#m                              B               E A E A
Another good thing, is done gone on, done gone on

Well there were campers
And there were busses
F#m                                       B
Parked all around, where there used to be a door
But that place
Called the grand ole opry
It just ain't there
      B                      E A E A
Just ain't there no more


A                      C                        E
Right across from the wax museum they used to line up around the block
     A                 C                 E
From east Tennessee and back down home again
E                       G                           B
All of a sudden there's nothing to do where there once was an awful lot
E                  G           B
Broad Street will never be the same

I've been in love with the grand ole opry

And I guess I have now for a good many years

When I hear the grand ole opry

It makes me sad that it's gonna disappear, gonna disappear