Rambler's Anthem

Written By: Ben Kaufmann
Appears on: Town by Town
Intro:  Gm    F
          Gm    Eb  Bb
          Eb Bb F  Bb F Eb  F  Bb F Bb

       Gm                                     F
I’ve seen the setting sun in California
          Gm                             Eb            Bb
Heard mountain winds, they howl and moan
               Eb   Bb  F               Bb   F      Eb
And I’ve seen that half-moon risin up above
                F                                     Bb     F    Bb
Heard the sound of the train that’ll carry me home

I’ve been roamin’
I’ve been ramblin’
           F                         Eb                         Bb
Thirty days on the road, baby I’ll be home soon

Jam(repeat as much as necessary):  Gm     F
                                  Gm      F
                                  Gm      F
                                  Eb F  Bb

     Gm                                                        F
It’s been a month or more dear since I’ve seen you
            Gm                     Eb                  Bb
When I left home in the middle of the night
          Eb      Bb F                             Bb             F              Eb
It was wrong to leave but I’ve been good since I’ve been gone
              F                       Bb   F        Bb
And I’m coming back to put things right


     Gm                                                        F
For my whole life I’ve heard the highway calling
            Gm                 Eb                          Bb
Spent most of it between the two white lines
     Eb Bb   F          Bb     F   Eb
But I don’t want to wind up alone
           F                                Bb   F     Bb
So I’m bound to change my ramblin’ mind


Tabbed by: Tim Dunham