Picture in a Tear

Written By:Benny 'Burle' Galloway


[D] would you ever come [G] back into [D] memory
[D] would you think of how our [G] love used to [D] be
[D] would the tears that [G] fall be a [D] reminder:
[C] that you left me for somebody [A] new?


Would you whisper my name, little darling
In the nights when you're so sad and blue
Are the tears that fall a reminder
That you left me for somebody new

Would you ever come back into memory
Would you think of our love that used to be
Has you heart gone from me forever
Is my picture in a tear you cry for me

When you hear them night birds crying
He's crying for someone who's gone away
He hopes that the wind will take his message
And she'll come back to him someday


Can't you hear the sound of the freight train
The same one that you rode out of town
Well the whistle cuts through the nighttime
Like the blues that really gets me down

Chorus x 2