No Expectations

Written By: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 2

Mando Intro Lick


Capo on 2
Fingerings relative to capo position
Intro riff for guitar

strum G chord

(G)Take me to the (D) station
(G)Put me on a (D)train
(G)I've got no expec(D)tations
To (C) pass this (G) way again(D).

Once I was a rich man
Now I am so poor
Never in my sweet short life
Have I felt like this before.

Your love is like a diamond
You throw your pearls that's why
As I watched you leavin' me
You packed my piece of mind.

Your heart is like the water
It splashes on the stones
Your love is like your music
First it's here, and then, it's gone.

So take me to the airport
Pour me on a plane
I've got no expectations
To pass this way again,
No not again! 

Tabbed by Matt Hoff