Jesse James

Written By: Traditional
Appears on: Unreleased
Played By: Jeff Austin & Friends. However in recent years, several verses have been worked into the middle of Raleigh & Spencer. 

Jesse [G]James was a lad
Who [C]robbed many a [G]man
He stopped the Glendale [D]train
He [G]took from the rich
And he [C]gave to the [G]poor
He'd a heart, a [D]hand and a [G]brain

[C]Jesse had a wife to [G]mourn all her life
Three children they were [D]brave
'Twas that [G]dirty little coward
That [C]shot Mister [G]Howard
And laid poor [D]Jesse in his [G]grave

It was on a Wedneday night
When the moon was shining bright
That they stopped the Glendale train
The people they did say
For many miles away
It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James


It was Robert Ford
That dirty little coward
I wonder how he feels
For he ate of Jesse's bread
And he slept in Jesse's bed
Then he laid poor Jesse in his grave


It was on a Saturday night
When Jesse was at home
Talking to his family brave
Robert Ford came along
Like a thief in the night
And laid poor Jesse in his grave