Going Where They Do Not Know My Name

Written By: Danny Barnes

(G)The day I found your letter darlin'
I knew i'd lost you (D) once again(G)
(G)You can't hear me when I'm cryin'
You won't hear me when I(D) call your name (G)

I'm going(D) down, down to the (G)station
Gonna(D) wear my gold watch and (G)chain
(G)Five year's a(C)-wasted,
I'm(G) going where they(D) do not know my name(G)

Your family said that we were foolish
That our love would surely die
As many years had come between us
Now I hear your last goodbye

[ Chorus ]

Now the time will see my heartache
Where my name won't be misused
No one will ask me if i'm livin'
No one will 

Tabbed by matt hoff