Get It While You Can

Written By: Danny Barnes
There's a woman out side with her red dress on
Giving me cause to recollect my mind
G            D
She don't see me with my torn up blue jeans on
D            A            D
Wondering why her good ol' feller ain't got the time

Better get it while you can
Brother, get it while you can
When I'm home from working I'm a hungry man
G              D
I like your biscuits in my gravy ma'am
D            A          D
Before the stores all close get it while you can

When I left home for to make my way
Seeking fortune, what did I find?
My pick-up trucks on blocks, my landlord changed my locks
Got my hat in hand waiting in the welfare line

There's a rich man thinks I'm out to underhand
Cause my car she don't shine when I drive
I've never drawn a day of vacation time
I got a woman at home, she'll ease my troubled mind

My motorcycle runs like greased up lightning, son
And I know where the fish are gonna bite all day
My pistol barks like that old bulldog there
I pay my bills, sing my songs and then I draw my pay