Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions
Since I began running this site, I've received numerous compliments, requests, and questions. Hopefully this will address the most common ones here. If you have other questions or feedback, feel free to e-mail me directly at or send me a message via the Contact Page on this site.

Q: Why did you start this site?

A: I love Yonder Mountain String Band. And I play guitar and mandolin. I found myself hunting for chord progressions and tabs all the time to try and learn their songs. Eventually I started keeping a document of everything I found. Since I work in web design, it was fairly easy for me to throw them up on a website to provide a central location for Yonder chords, and to give people a place they can send any songs that they've figured out. 

This site is also simply a way for me to give back to the amazing Kinfolk community who have become a huge part of my life. Kinfolk are amazing people, and I'm happy to provide a resource to the musicians in that community and beyond. 

Q: Who are you? 

A: I'm simply a huge fan of Yonder and bluegrass who lives in Colorado and loves playing music.

Q: Can you put up banjo/mandolin/dobro/bass/french horn/etc tabs? 

A: I would love to do so. And if you have them, please send them to me. You can either e-mail me directly at or you can send me a message via the Contact Page on this site.

For reference, I mainly play guitar, and some mandolin and bass (so, unfortunately banjo players, I can't help you at all beyond chords). Transcription is not my strongest point - it's improving, but I'm happy to take anything you want to send me, and I would be happy to start sections for specific instruments. 

Q: Can you put up the chords/tabs for [specific song]?

A: Again, I would love to. If they aren't up, odds are I don't have them and I haven't been able to figure out what they are yet.There's always a slight possibility, it's sitting in a backlog, but most likely I simply don't have it and haven't figured it out. 

You can also check out the list of songs I'm looking for on this page.

Q: Hey, I recognize that song as something I transcribed and uploaded and I don't see any credit given to me. 

A: There are a lot of uncredited chords/tabs on this site because in many cases there's no one listed to credit them too. That said, if someone is listed, I always try to maintain that so that person is credited. So, if you see something that was yours, send me a note, and I'm happy to credit you.

Anything I've personally transcribed will be credited to YMTabs.

Q: Hey, I think this song is wrong. That C should be an F, and so on.  

A: I love getting notes like this. I love being able to improve the quality of what is on this site. I do my best when adding tabs that I haven't transcribed to play through them with a recording and see if what I have fits. If you send me a correction, I'll do the same thing and compare the two. If what you sent me sounds more correct, then I'll update it. If I feel like what is there is right, I'll leave it as is. No offense intended if I don't take your suggestions, I go with what sounds right to my ear. If I hear from multiple people that something is off and I'm not hearing it, I'll usually go back and update it.

Q: Do you have chords/tabs for the Stringdusters/Greensky/other bands?

A: Patience, young grasshopper. This site is the first of a few that I have planned. But, if you have any by those bands, feel free to shoot them my way.

Q: I don't like the changes you made in moving to this new site. (Site move happened early Feb. 2014)

A: I understand, and I hope that doesn't push anyone away from using this site. The reason I moved it was because the last platform it was on was painful and cumbersome to do updates on, and was a very outdated interface. Moving it here (Blogspot, FYI), allowed me to gain several advantages in terms of being able to do quicker and more frequent updates, easier maintenance, better backup capability, more customization options, and overall stability. 

The core of this site has always been the library of tabs/chords. That remains the focus of this site. 

Q: You don't have any ads on your site. You say you never will. Really? 

A: Really. I mean that. Like I said, I work in web design, online marketing, and that whole world, so I know how to do all of that stuff and I know the minor financial gain I could achieve by putting ads on this site. That minor financial gain isn't worth cluttering up this site with a bunch of pointless ads and making the site annoying for both myself and all of you. Site ads are a significant (and to me, annoying) part of our web browsing experience, and I have no desire to incorporate them into this site. That said, this site will remain ad-free. 

Q: But what if you needed to for personal financial reasons? 

A: Quite frankly, if I am at a point in my life where that's even a question, this site would likely be the last of my concerns. That said, because of what I do professionally, I have contingency plans for how this site would stay in place. Odds are, updates would slow or stop, some limited changes may occur, but I would maintain my stance of not putting ads on this site. 

Q: Wanna jam?

A: Sure. If you're in the Denver/ Boulder area, there's a decent chance we may already know each other, or at least know of each other through the Kinfolk community and/or the Colorado bluegrass scene. I'm not the best musician in the world, but I love playing. I'm a good guitarist, a decent mandolin player, and I've just started figuring my way out around a dobro.

I hope this answers some of the more common questions I get asked. As always, feel free to e-mail me directly at or send me a message via the Contact Page on this site. I am also regularly on the Phantasy Tour Yonder forum and the Facebook Kinfolk group, and always have my eyes open for chords/tabs.