Welcome to YMTabs: The Unofficial Home for Yonder Mountain String Band Chords & Tabs

Welcome to the new and improved home of YMTabs, your unofficial home for chords and tabs for Yonder Mountain String Band. The site has moved to a new platform, and I've finally gotten around to doing a lot of updates. There's a whole lot of songs on here, so have fun, and I'll see you Kinfolk out on the road. 

As always, and as I say in multiple places on this site, if you have feedback about the site, songs that aren't here, corrections/updates to ones that are, or anything else you think can help improve the site, please send it to me. You can contact me via e-mail at ymtabs@gmail.com or through this site's contact page

Update: 6/28/19 - It's been a long few days since news of Jeff's passing broke. I hope that his music brings you the same solace and joy that it has brought to me since I first discovered YMSB many, many years ago. I have a lot of thoughts that I may or may not eventually voice, but for the moment, if you're able to donate anything to help support his family through this tragic time, please donate here, through the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund: https://sweetrelief.org/jeff-austin-fund/