Part 1 (Lord Only Knows)

Written By: Ben Kaufmann 
Appears on: Mountain Tracks Vol. 5
G                          C                         D
Ten years in jail was the sentence that they handed down
   G                                C         D
I didn't like the odds that I would last that long
                  G               C         D
They turned their backs and I was gone gone gone
G                       C                       D
Just turned 18 and I'm lookin at some real hard time
    G                   C            D
Now I'm seeing things in my rearview mirror
         G            D          G
Now it's just me and these white lines


  D                        G
Lord only knows where I'm goin
       D                       C
Can't remember the places I've been
D                    C       G    D                     G
Tell me if I'll ever make it home again    whoa-o  home again

Apart from these troubles mother's all I leave behind
Says I remind her of my father but hell if I know
He left town when I was 3 years old
She did the best she could I can't help but feel I'm doin her wrong
She'll be much better off now that I'm gone
I don't much feel like hangin around


D                                        G
I can't believe how bright the stars are shinin'
     D                              G              C
And I can't recall the last time I looked into the sky
        D                            G               C
And it seems to me if I can make it cross the county line
  D                         C
Maybe my life will turn out fine
G                           C                       D
Ten years in jail was the sentence that they handed down