On The Run

Written By: Ben Kaufmann
Appears on: Elevation

G    F    Bb Bb    G

G                         F                 G                     F
A man stood in the shadows, his face was dripping sweat
    G                     F                       Bb             G
He took a break from running, but he wasn’t done yet
He looked over his shoulder, when he heard the barking hounds
Dug his feet into the earth, and headed out of town

C                     G             C                     G
Town lines far away, and he won’t sleep for days
F                        C             G
Because he just slept with Annie and she’s the sherrifs wife
C                                             Bb                 G
Now the sheriff’s men have got him running for his life

He knew the girl was trouble, but he wasn’t thinking clear
When she put her hand onto his leg, and filled his glass with beer
The deputy did see them and tracked the sheriff down
He just had time to grab his clothes and hobble out of town

Town lines far away and he won’t sleep for days
And even if he makes it there’s nothing he can do
But hope and pray the sheriff there hasn’t heard the news

A man stood in the shadows, thinking bout the past
Found all the women he had known livin life to fast
Heard a noise behind him, felt a gun helt ‘gainst his head
Shoulda known the sheriff wouldn’t rest til he was dead

Town lines far away, he’s six feet in the grave
Now he’s lyin there with Annie, who was the sheriff’s wife
Til the sheriff and his men robbed them of their lives