Left Me In a Hole

Written By: Adam Aijala
Appears On: Elevation, Mountain Tracks Vol. 3

G                  D             C                
Divorcee goes to the bar, sophisticate pulls up in his car
  G                   D                     C
A hopeful youth waits for the first star to come out
   G             D               C
The sky above can be so mean, the clouds cover what should be seen
G                    D               C
And there ain't much left to keen in my book

G             D             C
Hangin' on to someone else, he tells you that peace sells
G              D                C
And you see it like all's well, I ain't jealous
G                  D                C
Though you used to listen to me, my inner thoughts have made you flee
G                    D                     C
I know you were just tryin' to be what you want to be
Am              G
I let you in to see me for real
Am                              G
And you walked right out that's what I feel
Em           D                  G     C-D  G-C-D
You said you needed time to be alone

Am                   G
And like the youth I looked above
Am               G
Feeling stranded without love
Em           D                           G
The time was wrong, and you left me in a hole
              C                      G
You left me in hole (you left me in a hole)
              C      G
You left me in hole

The rain it comes, the rain it goes the question is, she friend or foe
The story-teller looks to his toes, he's stuck here
The dragon's breath is on my neck which way is home, hold on a sec
The bartender put a bottle of beer on the table

Many people, they believe that Jesus came here to relieve
All the problems that we breathe on each other
And I don't care just what you do, or what you think, that's up to you
You see, those thoughts of yours aren’t new to me at all
Is it these thoughts that made you believe
That there's nothing here so you shall leave
While I sit here with my guitar in my hand
A hungry baby starts to cry, an old man's about to die
And all I can do is sit back and sigh, what's my problem
Ignore the problem, that's the key said the woman beneath the tree
If your eyes are closed, you can't see the sunrise

The phone, it rings, who could it be, it ain't her, and it's not for me
Forgetting's as easy as 123 my friends say
Her face is still all too clear, her leaving me was my biggest fear
Something's got to help me steer away from her
You have your life, and I have mine
Maybe we'll meet again some other time
Down the long road on another plain

Tabbed by: Matt Hoff