Fine Excuses

Written By: Jeff Austin
Appears on: The Show


A D      A D    A
She is leavin on the fourteenth

Only fifteen more days go

Fine excuses my distraction

Oh I can't wait to see

      G    D     A            G D A
The show when she goes

I apologize for nothin'
Regrets far and too few between

Then I backtrack  all one action
Oh I know every word
Of the show when she goes


     D         A
Too late, why bother

     D          A
New day, soon begins

     D                     A
One foot, in front of the other

        E                                  G D A
What a way, to the beginning of the end

Hangin on too long together
Waitin up too late for me
Burnin heavy burnin all night
O I can't wait to see the show when she goes

Repeat Chorus