Darling One

Written By: Jeff Austin
Appears on: Unreleased

Intro: D E A

A D Bm E A
Oh, the darling one in my life always comes back to me
A D Bm E A
Oh, the darling one in my life always knows just where I'll be
Like the sweet smell of roses on the wind she'll come rolling back this way again
D E A D Bm E A
Like a melody of old that rings from the hills she'll come rolling back again


D E F#m E D
Darling one, hear me as I call out your name
D E F#m E D
Darling one, beginning to end its the same
C#m Bm
Time will hold us… in its arms
C#m Bm
Hold and keep us both from harm
Darling one, it's you forever more

Now, time may try to slip away but we'll live out every second my love
Now, the leaves may fall but the best part of all is you're here with me
As the sun slowly fades and the stars start to shine with the light of your eyes
And as you can see
While you're standing next to me
That we're having us the time of our lives


As the years go by and we move on and on through our ups and our downs
And the road may change but we love it too much to get off of it now
When her hand grabs hold of mine and she pulls me closer again
And the lips that I must've kissed a million times bring the same old song to my mind



Tabbed by: Tim Dunham