Darkness and Light

Written By: Jeff Austin
Appears on: Elevation

A                                                 E                      A
There was a soldier, there was a lady, there was a lover, who live in town
A                                                    E                              A
There was a battle, in that far country, to that dark land was that old soldier bound
A                                                         E                             A
He held his true love, he kissed her softly, said “Darlin’ fear not, I’ll come back around”
A                                                       E                    A
From a rear window, the lover watching…watching as her tears fell to the ground

A                                              E                                         A
The nights grew cold, her heart grew lonely, along the streets she would walk and she’d cry
A                                                                        E                         A   
Her heart was tender, her thoughts went yonder, she’d gently kiss the ring she’d wear upon her finger

D                             A
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
   C                       A
But passion makes the fire bright
D                 A
Loneliness and Confusion
C   D        E
Darkness and Light

A                                            E                                A
One night while dreamin’, she saw her true love, by the old rock he sat a-weepin’
A                                                       E                          A
His eyes were shinin’, his head turned skyward, asking “ God above, how could this be?”
A                                                                 E                                A
She jumped up from her bed, her heart was pounding…she went out to calm herself in the cool night air
A                                                             E                 A
She started roamin’, by the edge of town, while the lover watched her go all alone

A                                              E                      A
She soon grew weary, her body tired, by an old rock wall she settled down
A                                                        E                        A
Her lover approaching…approaching gently, lonely love was his favorite hunting ground


A                                                    E                     A
The very next morning, the lady rising, she felt confusion, like never before
A                                                                           E                          A
She awoke in her own bed with a tender feeling thought she heard the sound of her sweet soldier aproachin
A                                                                        E                        A
A knock came upon the door, she jumped up running, only to see a strange soldier with medals a-shinin’
A                                                              E                               A
He said “Sad lady…sad news I bring you…Your soldier died last night while the bullets were flyin’
A                                                                  E                  A
“No, no, no, this can’t be…for just last evening, my soldier sang to me love’s true song”
A                                                                         E                 A
Wracked with confusion, she fell a-weepin’, while the lover, from his window watched all along…