The Bolton Stretch

Written By: Ben Kaufmann
Appears On: Elevation

D                             C                     G
He cracks a wicked smile, had his foot pressed to the floor
D                     C                           G
   Flyin' down country roads that he's been down before
D                         C                   G                    A
One of just three men that the sheriff cannot catch
Bm              A                     G                            D  C  G (2x)
And he's travelin' 90 miles an hour, down the Bolton Stretch   

The first time we had seen his face was back in '84
He walked right into old O'Hares, he robbed that liquor store
The sheriff tried to catch him but the man he got away
And he didn't show his face in town again until today

      Em                                          D
He Didn't come for justice, didn't come to make amends
Em                                                D
Doesn't ask forgiveness, he's not looking to make friends
Em                                                        D         A          G
Just that he was passing through with money wearin' thin
                A                                                    D      C  G
Now he's travelin' down the Bolton Stretch again

He watches all the trees fly by, but doesn't seem to care
Knows it's time to leave again, but doesn't know to where
And though he stole a lot of money, it's not enough for bail
And there are two blue lights behind him now, the sheriff's on his trail

Since the day that he was born he spent his whole live livin' free
With nothing but the loosest ties to friends and family
No punishment will make him care about the things he's done
And if he lives another 20 years he'll live 'em on the run

Tabbed By: Tim Dunham