At the End of the Day

Written By: Jeff Austin
Appears on: Elevation, Mountain Tracks Vol. 2

Intro:  G   D     Bm C  D    (repeated)

D                                                 G
Many times I’ve been out in the cold lonely world
       Bm              C                D
My heart full of sorrow and pain
            D                                                G
Then I sing an old familiar song of the place I belong
               Bm                  C                        D
Then my mind starts to think of home again

C                                 G
    So many miles and so many roads
           D                                                   G
Many people who don’t even know my name
C                                 G
    So many times I’ve looked to western skies
         D                                                   Dsus4
Nowhere I go… is quite the saaaaaaaaaame
           C                                     D
As that sweet home waitin’ for me
                              G    D    Bm C D      G   D    Bm C G  (2x)
At the end of the day

Now my feet grow tired and the wind it grows wild
And the road never seems to end
And when I go back out again and I long to return
My old home- I know she’ll be there


          Em                              G
And it’s too much confusion, too many lies
C                                                   G
Too many times my heart is been broken right in two
             Em                      G
I’ve shed too many tears thinkin’ about those times
D                                                      Dsus4    G     D    Bm C D       G     D    Bm C G (2x)
Cried too many rivers over yoooooooou

Now the light up ahead it means that it is near
You can smell the wood smoke in the air
And when I go back out again and I long to return
My old home- I know she’ll be there